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Scott Puryear (at 6’2 and 200 pounds) is a bit on the small side to try it, but he is one of the very few people that the two All-Conference offensive lineman at Oklahoma Panhandle State might let get between them.  Austin Hawkins (left) weighs in at 285 pounds and Jared Burris tips the scales at 315.  Larry Wiggins photo

**For Immediate Release**
Two Gentle Giants at OPSU
- by Scott Puryear of Aggie Sports on 9/11/05

Goodwell, OK - This pair has a lot in common. Two of the biggest guys on the Oklahoma Panhandle State campus are also two of the nicest guys – Austin Hawkins and Jared Burris. Both are senior offensive lineman on the Aggie football team and both were named All-Independent Football Alliance for their respective performances last year.

Both of these very large young men (Burris at 315 pounds and Hawkins at 285) are providing protection for their quarterbacks again this season as well as “plowing the road” for their running backs.

In addition, both are known around OPSU for their friendly demeanor and each are fine examples of what student athletes in college sports have to offer. Hawkins (from Medford, OK) is majoring in Ag Business and Burris (of Putnam City) is in the OPSU Computer Graphics program.

Offensive lineman rarely get headlines or their names mentioned on the air or over the public address system during games, but any quarterback or running back will be the first to say how much respect that players like Burris and Hawkins command.

In a recent game against Southwestern Oklahoma, the fine Aggie running back, David Daniels, had just made a nice gain. The tacklers from the opposing team were a bit slow getting off Daniels. Both Hawkins and Burris arrived on the scene very quickly and were quite pleased to assist the players from the other team as Daniels got to his feet. Friendly as they may be off the field, the two OPSU seniors do not like is when someone messes with one of their own.

Jared Burris and Austin Hawkins – they are among the most well liked people on the Oklahoma Panhandle Campus. They are two very big guys and two very nice guys.





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