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  Trell Etbauer managed to get his steer down in 5.9 seconds despite the animal's insistence to fall the opposite way.- Pete Dahl photos

**For Immediate Release**
Back to Back Events Spur Etbauer's Performance
- released by OPSU Campus Communications 06-14-2007
by Laura Hays

Casper, Wyo. - Two Oklahoma Panhandle State University student athletes competed in front of rodeo fans at the College National Finals Rodeo in the Casper Events Center Wednesday night. Round three consists of four nightly performances that began Tuesday and continues through Friday. Wednesday night, it was Trell Etbauer's turn in the saddle bronc and steer wrestling and Kelly Koeppen ran the barrels.

Etbauer did not draw the best bronc for the performance, and as hard as he rode, the horse simply did not perform. Most of the 73 point ride came from the rider and Etbauer currently sits in a 5-way tie 8th place in the third round and has 5th place in the combined scoring.

As soon as Etbauer was on the ground following his bronc ride, he ran out of the arena, changed his boots, and sprinted to the other end of the arena to leap aboard his steer wrestling horse. With only 9 minutes elapsing between the two events, Trell fared better in the steer wrestling, posting a 5.9 second run even though he struggled to get the steer's four feet in the air. He said, "The steer set up hard and wanted to fall the wrong way, but I managed to get him down." For those of us watching, he simply muscled it the ground and over on its back and still had a great time. He placed fourth in the round and is fourth in the average. We should see the Goodwell native back in short go Saturday night in both events.

Koeppen scored a 14.43 second in the barrels, placing her 14th in the round and 13th in the average, which means she will not make the championship round in that event. However, Kelly currently is tied for second in the 3rd round of the goat tying and 5th in the average.

In the team standings, Ranger College has so far earned a whopping 690 points. After 25 years at the Texas college without a rodeo program, this first year men's team has consistently outperformed the competition. The second place team, Southern Arkansas University, lags far behind with only 300 total points. The University of Wyoming leads the women's teams with 385 points.

With the 3rd round at the halfway point, plenty of talent still has the chance to move up in the rankings. It also means OPSU cowboys and cowgirls have the same opportunity.


  Kelly Koeppen in the barrel racing and Trell Etbauer in the saddle bronc during Wednesday's performance. - Pete Dahl photos



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