General Requirements for admission include:

  • Admissions Application form
  • High school transcript
  • All college transcripts (bachelor's or higher degree holders need to provide only transcript showing highest degree earned)
  • ACT or SAT scores needed for new and transfer students (except bachelor's degree holders)
  • Immunization record required. Contact Admissions at 580-349-1370 for more information.

Specific Application requirements are listed for the following:

  • First Time Freshman Student

    Admission Requirements: First Time Freshman (a student who has never attended college or a junior college)

    Prerequisites: Graduation from an accredited high school.

    Required Documents: Official high school transcript showing rank in class and date of graduation.

    Entrance Exam: ACT/SAT -- If a student scores below a 19 in any one of the four subject areas of science, mathematics, reading, and English on the ACT, he/she will be required to remediate in the discipline area through zero-level courses or by successfully completing appropriate exams.

    The required documents are as follows:

  • Transfer Student

    Admission Requirements:

    Prerequisites: Graduation from an accredited high school. Minimum 2.0 college GPA (4.0 system).

    Required Documents: Official transcript(s) from each college or university attended, official high school transcript, and ACT/SAT scores.

    Entrance Exam: None

  • International Student

    click on the link above to go to the International page
  • Re-Admitted Student

    Prerequisites: If the student is not in good academic standing when he/she left OPSU, student must have earned a higher GPA at all schools subsequently attended.

    Required Documents: Official transcript(s) from all colleges or universities attended since leaving OPSU.

    Entrance Exam: None

  • Concurrent Enrollment Student

    Concurrent – A student that is still enrolled in high school, meets the performance requirements for new freshman, and is able to satisfy all 15 curricular requirements & graduation requirements no later than the spring semester of their senior year.

    High School Concurrent Student Admission Requirements.
    All students must have taken the ACT or SAT to participate in the program and an ACT test score of 19 must be achieved in the area where study will be pursued.
    For example: A mathematics subscore of 19 must be achieved before enrolling in College Algebra.
    • Seniors: Must have completed their junior year.
      Option 1: Minimum Composite ACT score of 20
      Option 2: GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale AND top 50% of the class ranking And an ACT test score of 19 must be achieved in the area where study will be pursued.

    • Juniors: Must have completed their sophomore year.
      Option 1: Minimum Composite ACT score of 23
      Option 2: GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale And an ACT test score of 19 must be achieved in the area where study will be pursued.

    • Home School or Unaccredited High School: A student receiving high school level instruction at home or from an unaccredited high school must:
      1. Be 17 years of age or older and have a composite ACT test score of 20
      2. Be 16 years of age and have a composite ACT test score of 23

    • Workload: A high school student may enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses per semester not to exceed a full-time workload of 19 semester credit hours.
      For purposes of calculating workload, one-half high school unit shall be equivalent to three semester credit hours of college work.

    • Continuing Enrollment: High school students concurrently enrolled in college courses may continue concurrent enrollment in subsequent semesters if they achieve a college cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale.

    • Required Documents:
      (Download Concurrent Enrollment Packet here.)

      1. Complete Concurrent Enrollment Form (Must be filled out EACH semester)
      2. Apply Online
      3. Immunization Form
      4. Official High School Transcript
      5. ACT or SAT scores
      6. Confirmation Form
      7. $50.00 Confirmation Money (This is to confirm your class(es). This is not the total amount owed.)
        (See the Tuition Estimator.)

  • Special Non-Degree Seeking Student

    Prerequisites: None.

    Required Documents: Allows a student to enroll up to nine credit hours without submitting academic credentials or meeting the academic curricular or performance requirements.

    Entrance Exam: If students wish to enroll in an English, math, reading, science or history course, they must submit copies of their ACT scores and copies of all transcripts.

All paperwork must be directed to the Office of Admissions. Paperwork may be mailed to PO Box 430, Goodwell, OK 73939 or faxed to 580-349-1371, Attn:Layne Greeson. Please direct any questions to Layne Greeson (580-349-1370, or Dara Short (580-349-1374,

Oklahoma Panhandle State University reserves the right to withhold registration privileges from students with unpaid college financial obligation.