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Annual Net Price Calculator

Net Price estimate is based on 15 hours a semester for two semesters.

Expected Grant/Scholarship Amount:

Enter the Total amount of Grants (Federal, Pell, State, etc...) and/or any scholarships you expect to receive.

Expected Student Loan Amount:

Enter the student loan amount you expect to receive. Use FASFA4caster to get an estimate.

Expected Family Contribution:

Enter Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This will be shown at the end of the Federal Pell Grant eligiblity process in FASFA4caster .

Estimated Indirect Expenses:

Enter any estimated transportation, personal and miscellaneous expenses.

Credit Hours:

15 credit hours per semester / 30 hours per year is the typical amount.

To be eligible for Married Student Housing, You must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Student 25 years or older
  • Student with custody of a child
  • Married

To be eligible for the Non-Resident Waiver, You must meet the following conditions:

  • Complete 2 spring, fall or combination of spring and fall semesters at OPSU
  • Bursar office balance must be $0.00
  • GPA must be 3.0 or higher

Use FASFA4caster to help determine your eligibility for federal student aid and/or loans.

Actual costs may differ from estimated. OPSU reserves the right to change prices without notice. Some classes may have additional fees, require purchase of additional books, or purchase of materials.

View the terms and conditions of the Financial Responsibility Agreement here.

Online classes are an additional $100 each