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Enrollment Instructions Continuing Students

(When Enrollment Opens)

Login to Student Portal

  • Go to
  • Go to Self Service Banner (SSB)
  • Click on Student
  • Go to Student Records
  • Click on View Holds
  • If no Holds, contact advisor to enroll
  • If Holds, contact appropriate office

Advisor Process

  • Review Class Schedule SSB
  • If Advisor enrolling, provide Banner PIN to Advisor
    (Login into Aggie Access > Click on Receive Banner PIN)
  • If Student enrolling, Advisor deletes Alternate PIN
  • Print Class Schedule

Business Office Cashier (Bursar) – SEWELL-LOOFBOURROW - West Side Central Hall

Office of Students Affairs – STUDENT UNION

  • ID Card Issue (or ID Card validation)
  • Resident Hall Assignment (if applicable)
  • Parking Decal

Financial Aid – SEWELL-LOOFBOURROW 106 (if applicable)

  • Financial Aid Application
  • Financial Aid Counseling

(Week before classes start)

Student Union

  • Take yearbook photo (CARS Lounge in Student Union Building)


  • Present Class Schedule
  • Pick up Rental/Buy Books

Download printable checklist PDF