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Foundation Scholarships

You can find scholarship information for OPSU’s Foundation scholarships at http://www.opsu.edu/PSF/.

Applicants must meet the March deadlines for the Academic and Foundation scholarships.

Room waivers

Room waivers are available for students involved in various clubs and activities who live on-campus, excluding married student housing. Students have to be extremely active in the club or activity for which the bed waiver is given and must be awarded the waiver by the sponsor of the activity. Students already receiving the waiver for another activity, such as being an RA or playing a sport, will not receive another waiver. Clubs and activities for which bed waivers are given are:

  • International Club
  • Images Art Club
  • Choir
  • Band
  • ...just a few among many others!

Please note: International students can apply for a full out-of-state tuition waiver after attending OPSU for 2 semesters contingent upon satisfactory payment record and good academic standing.