Disability Accommodations

OPSU will honor any reasonable request for accommodations for disabilities, provided validation of the disability is provided by the student from a qualified professional. This validation should include the names of tests conducted, test results, the diagnosis, and any recommendations the professional has for accommodations. This information should be provided on the professional’s letter head. IEP files are also helpful, but should include the information listed above. This information along with the “Request for Accommodations” form should be given to the Director of Counseling at OPSU. The Director can also answer questions regarding accommodations for disabilities. Her contact info is as follows.

Director, Counseling, Career Services & Testing
Photograph of Hale, Christi

Christi Hale

Office: HMH 141
Phone: 580-349-1556
Email: chale@opsu.edu

Once the director has received a student’s request for accommodations and their validation of a disability, their request is taken to the Reasonable Accommodations Committee for approval. If the accommodations are approved, an agreement is signed by the student and the director. The terms of the agreement are sent to each of the student’s instructors. Although the instructors will receive a letter listing the accommodations granted to the student, it is still the students responsibility to self identify himself to the instructor and go over the accommodations agreement with him sometime in the first couple of days of class. (Wait till class is over and visit with the instructor or contact the instructor during his or her office hours)

It should also be noted that this process must be repeated each semester by filling out a new request form and turning it into the Director of Counseling.

Some of the common classroom accommodations granted include:

  • Extended time on tests
  • Testing in a separate room
  • Option to take tests orally
  • Option to have tests read
  • Option to have books on CD or Cassette
  • Use of a word processor for assignments
  • Allowed the use of a tape recorder in class
  • Front row seating
  • Volunteer student note taker or Instructor notes (instructor’s choice)
For the complete “OPSU Policy and Procedures for Disability Accommodations” go to www.opsu.edu, click on students, and then disability accommodations.

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