Counseling Services

Administrative Assistant in Counseling, Career Services, Testing and Disabilities

Sarah Pipkin

Phone: 580-349-1558

Students who need help with study skills, coping with the stress of balancing college, work, and a personal life, personal counseling, or who are in a crisis situation can request help by contacting the Counseling Center. Confidentiality is of utmost importance. When necessary, referrals will be made to appropriate off-campus agencies.

Informational and self-help pamphlets about a variety of issues affecting students today are also available. OPSU is also involved in sponsoring special campus events and screenings targeted toward specific social issues such as eating disorder, alcohol use, depression, and violence.

Free Anonymous Screening for:

Study Skills


Self-Help Pamphlets

Eating Disorders: Is Food a Problem?

Alcohol Use

Marijuana Use

Substance Abuse