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Art Jubilee 2017 Professional Development Opportunity

The workshops scheduled on the Tuesday before the Jubilee and the day after are an excellent opportunity for your professional development. I look forward to many of you attending. Our guest artists this year are Hector Cobos-Leon from the Paseo Art District and Kristy Patterson from the Oklahoma Panhandle. See the schedule below for the workshops scheduled times.

Schedule for Hector Cobos: I am an artist in the Paseo Art District where I also live, work and display ceramic art. I am truly blessed to be where I am and fortunate to create art for a living. My work has been displayed nationally and in galleries throughout the nation.

Schedule for Kristy Patterson:  Colored Pencils have gone from a simple sketching tool to fine art.  Artists have discovered the versatility of colored pencils and that with a little training they are able to "paint" with pencils equal to elegant oils.  This workshop will compare student and professional grade pencils, colored pencil tricks and techniques and methods of using colored pencils with mixed media.