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Presidential Search

The OPSU Presidential Search Committee and Board of Regents invite nominations and applications for the position of President of Oklahoma Panhandle State University. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and is responsible for providing leadership to and assuring the effective administration of a four-year institution in Goodwell, Oklahoma.

Founded in 1909, OPSU provides higher education opportunities primarily for people of the Oklahoma Panhandle and surrounding areas. It offers a comprehensive range of academic programs, research, and public service activities in its College of Agriculture, Science, and Nursing; College of Arts and Education; College of Business and Technology; and College of Online Learning. The University has a total enrollment of approximately 1,600 students.

Applications may be considered up to the time the position is filled; however, to be assured of consideration they must be received by February 18, 2022.

To apply, please submit materials electronically via email to or to the below address.

OPSU Presidential Search Committee
OSU/A&M Board of Regents
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call the OSU/A&M Board of Regents Office at (405) 945-3263.

OPSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/E-verify employer committed to diversity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

  • Regents Representatives
    • Mr. Joe Hall, Committee Chair
    • Mr. Jarold Callahan
    • Mr. Billy Taylor
    • Dr. Trudy Milner, Board of Regents Chair (ex-officio)
    • Mr. Jason Ramsey, CEO, Office of the Board of Regents (ex-officio)
  • OPSU Student Representatives
    • Ms. Skyla Jones
    • Mr. Jesus Mesta
  • OPSU Alumni Representatives
    • Ms. Diane Murphey
    • Mr. Jack Strain
  • OPSU Faculty Representatives
    • Dr. Curtis Bensch
    • Mr. Stacy Nordquist
    • Ms. Kimberly Smith
  • OPSU Administrative/Staff Representatives
    • Ms. Chyanna Black
    • Ms. Liz McMurphy
  • At-Large Appointments
    • Ms. Amada Alvidrez
    • Mr. Roger Edenborough
    • Mr. Matt Freeman
    • Mr. Zac Perkins
    • Mr. Kim Peterson
    • Ms. Geraldine Sanchez


Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Position Description and Major Responsibilities

Oklahoma Panhandle State University is a baccalaureate degree granting institution located in the center of Texas County, Oklahoma. In the 2017 Census of Agriculture, Texas County is the 25th largest agriculture revenue-producing county in the United States and has great growth potential. General governance of the institution is in the hands of the Board of Regents for Oklahoma State University and the Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. Academic programs and financial support are authorized and coordinated through the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

The University serves an enrollment of approximately 1,300 students per semester and offers 22 bachelor programs, 7 associate degree programs, and 4 certificate programs. Oklahoma Panhandle State University provides interactive learning opportunities. Selective programs are offered via web-based and distance learning. The University is organized into three academic schools: Agriculture, Science and Nursing; Business and Technology; Arts and Education; with the Academic Resource Center and the Hispanic Student Center as support for all three academic schools.

The mission of Oklahoma Panhandle State University is to provide higher education primarily for people of the Oklahoma Panhandle and surrounding areas through academic programs, cultural enrichment, lifelong learning experiences, and public service activities. The educational experiences are designed to enrich the personal lives of students and to prepare them for roles in agriculture, business, technology, education, science, government, and industry.

The President is expected to

  • have a history of demonstrating ethical and professional behavior;
  • provide the vision and leadership needed to ensure that the University anticipates the needs and diversity of the area and responds quickly and effectively to meet those;
  • work with a wide range of internal and external constituencies to develop and address priorities and strategic objectives which are consistent with the mission, role and scope of the University;
  • develop and maintain an administrative structure and policy making process that establishes clear and workable policies ensuring the efficient, effective and responsible use of available human, financial and physical resources;
  • represent the University effectively to the general public, business and government leaders, the A&M Board of Regents, and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education;
  • take an active role in the development of state, federal, and private funding needed to establish and maintain excellence in instruction;
  • play an interactive and visible role in the activities of the University, seeking and effectively utilizing input from faculty, staff, students, and alumni on critical issues facing the University;
  • maintain a structural framework which ensures the preservation of academic freedom and its processes.


Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Selection Criteria and Qualifications

Oklahoma Panhandle State University seeks a President who has or can acquire an understanding of the unique historical position and current importance of Oklahoma Panhandle State University in this geographical region. The successful candidate should understand the need to maintain and extend the institution’s historical program goals, develop new goals, and increase academic and research productivity.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University seeks in its new President


  • an earned doctorate, or its equivalency with sufficient accomplishments to command professional respect;
  • successful leadership in a major administrative position, preferably in higher education (at least five years preferred);
  • familiarity with long-range academic and strategic planning, financing, policy making, and facilities management, preferably in higher education;
  • five years of university or college teaching experience preferred (experience in a baccalaureate degree granting university/college preferred);
  • demonstrated skills in fiscal management, budget planning, management of funds, and fundraising at the college level;
  • an ability to understand and deal with the processes of funding from a state legislature and a state coordinating board;
  • demonstrated success in personnel management;
  • a broad-based understanding of the agricultural and energy development in this geographical area;
  • an understanding of the key role that a research and experimental program plays in the economic growth of this community;
  • an understanding of business, industrial, and cultural development in a growing economic community;


  • a commitment to teaching excellence, academic freedom, professional development, and academic scholarship in all disciplines with an appreciation of the highly personal approach to education at Oklahoma Panhandle State University;
  • one who can work effectively with and foster communication among students, faculty, staff, regents, alumni, business leaders, citizens, diverse cultures, and elected officials;
  • a commitment to the enrichment of student life extending beyond the classroom for both traditional and non-traditional students;
  • an awareness of and willingness to implement new technology appropriate to the needs of the University;
  • a commitment to equal opportunity employment;


  • one who communicates ideas in a clear and effective manner and projects a positive image with a history of ethical and professional behavior;
  • one who is experienced in planning, establishing priorities, and accomplishing goals;
  • an ability to manage through a process of delegation and empowerment;
  • one who supports processes essential to effective decision making in higher education;
  • one who is successful in external fund raising through grants, partnerships, and other sources;


  • a high degree of personal integrity, honesty and directness;
  • high energy, emotional strength, and enthusiasm for service;
  • an ability to get along with all types of people.