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Notice: the requirements for portfolios all refer to P.A.S.S. comptencies. Please use Oklahoma C 3 / CCSS standards.

Welcome to the OPSU School of Education Teacher Education Program! We are proud of our teacher preparation programs at Oklahoma Panhandle State University and know that you will find them exceptionally useful in your quest to become a public school teacher.

The OPSU Teacher Education Program is accredited by NCATE and the State of Oklahoma and meets the requirements of state and national organizations for the training of elementary and secondary educators.Programs are offered in elementary, vocational agriculture, math, business, musio (instrumental and vocal, and health & physical education. We also offer a minor in education for those students who may entertain seeking alternative certification after graduation. Please take time to browse through the information provided here, and contact us if you have any questions. We know you will leave the OPSU Teacher Education Program with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of an effective teacher—competent, caring, and committed!

R. Wayne Stewart,
Dean of Education


Math-Ese "Tool-Kit" (2006 Workshop)

Math-Ese 2-D "Tool-Kit" "Show Me the Math!" (2007 Workshop)

Math-Ese 3D "Tool-Kit" "Math in the Real World"(2008 Workshop)

MATH-ESE 4 ALL "Tool-Kit"(2009 Workshop)

Math-Ese 5.0 "Tool-Kit" "Toys to Tools"(2010 Workshop)


Linking Teaching to Learning (2012 Workshop Wiki)
Participants have user names and passwords
Guests may use the user name "guest" and the password "Password1"
to be able to view the Wiki


OPSU Teacher Education candidates are encouraged to join a professional organization prior to their Internship. While OPSU has a strong SOEA club, sponsored by the Oklahoma Education Association, this is NOT the only organization that provides benefits for student teachers. Others include the following:

Association of American Educators
American Federation of Teachers
Christian Educators Association International
Professional Oklahoma Educators
(others will be listed as information becomes available)

Candidates are encouraged to review each of these organizations for their benefits.Oklahoma Panhandle State University will provide equal access for any professional organization that supports teacher preparation. Organizations that support student teaching are welcomed on the OPSU campus to present information, provide workshops, make available materials for posting on bulletin boards, etc., but are asked to schedule all meetings through the office of the School of Education. Directory information for current candidates will be provided to professional organizations that request them.

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Preparing Effective Teachers who are

  Competent, Caring, and Committed!

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How are OPSU Teacher Ed. Candidates Doing? Here are Certification Exam Scores
and Pass Rates, along with graduation GPA's since 2010/2011.

Certification Exam Test Scores for 2010/2011 Average GPA=3.394
Certification Exam Test Scores for 2011/2012 Average GPA=3.376
Certification Exam Test Scores for 2012/2013 (in progress)


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