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Math-Ese 4 All Participants

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Math-Ese 4 All Faculty Information

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Orientation Slide Show

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Random Number Generator

MATH-ESE 4 ALL Pictures


Math Web sites (fractions)

Power Points and Handouts
Used In Seminar

AAA Math

Dyslexia and Dyscalcula

IXL Math

Teaching Vocabulary in Content and for Diverse Learners

Cool Math for Kids

Rational Expressions
Jeopardy Review

Math League-Fractions
(Math League Home Page)

Teaching Mathematics Vocabulary--Using Dictionaries


Setting Up Document Camera

(Free, Awesome Cool Tools for Students)

Setting Up Laptop

Kids Online Resources Fraction Tutorial

Tennis Ball Bowling Activity and Work Sheets
MS Word Format (.doc)
Adobe Format (.pdf)

Cool Math for Kids

ELL/ESL Learners

Fraction Strips and Fraction Worksheets

Differentiating Mathematics Instruction


Fraction Worksheets and Pintables

Math and Literacy

Who Wants Pizza?

Oklahoma Academic Vocabulary
Suggested Words and Terms

Ask Dr. Math
Fractions, Percentage, and Decimals

Oklahoma Academic Vocabulary--MATH Only

Help With Fractions

Math Dictionaries

Math for Morons Like Us
Pre-Algebra Fractions

A Math Dictionary for Kids

Math for Morons Like Us
Algebra Fractions

Mathwords: Terms and Formulas
from Beginning Algebra to Calculu

SOS Math Review-Fractions

English-Spanish Math Dictionary

Math English-Spanish Picture Dictionary
(Home page for all subjects)

Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Fractions

Dictionaries and Language Resources
(links to several resources)

Algebraic Fractions

On-Line Math Dictionary

Algebra Crunchers


Baseball Geometry

Bi-Lingual Math Dictionary

Virtual Manipulatives

Math Playground

Florida State University MATH

Numerancy Hour
(Teaching tools, tests, games and much more...)
Home Page-with other disciplines

Everything Math

No Matter What Shape
Your Fractions Are In

Harcourt Math Glossary

(from NCTM)

Math & Reading Help--7th Grade


Math & Reading Help--Children

Venn Diagram Shape Sorter

List of other OnLine
Math Dictionaries

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Adapting and Equity Sites

NCTM-Elementary Resources K-6

Adapting Materials and Strategies for Special Needs Students

NCTM-Middle School Resources 7-9

Web Sites and Resources for Students with Special Needs

NCTM-High School Resources 9-12

Ensuring Equity with Alternative Assessments

Oklahoma Math P.A.S.S Objectives

Other Math Sites

Math for America--Virtual Manipulatives

I Know That!

Mathematical Association of America Mathematical Sciences Digital Library

I Love That Teaching Idea!--Math

Geogebra Software

Cooperative Learning

Computer Resources for Secondary Schools

Math Academy Lessons
(Oklahoma State Department of Education)

Wolfram Mathworld

K-12 Core Lesson Plans

Wolfram Demonstrations Project


Virtual Manipulatives--State of Missouri

Fraction Fun
(Submitted by Samantha from Delaware!)

Virtual Manipulatives--100's of Web sites

Miscellaneous Information


Checklist of Observable Clues to Classroom Vision Problems

Rubric Sites

Dr. Discussed in Dyslexia Presentations


Jury & Farrar Associates-Liberal, KS

Rubrics for Assessment

Fry Eye Associates-Garden City, KS

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Assessment & Rubric Information

Dr. Melanie McCarty Thompson-Amarillo, TX

Commercial Math Programs

Presentations/Handouts from Ms. Peterson's Sessions

Problem generator for Alg I, Geometry, and Alg II.  Aligned directly to OK PASS objectives.  Problems are very similar to EOI question format.  Finite problem set…but you can add your own

Fractions--The Lecture
(PowerPoint Handouts)

KUTA Software
Problem generator for Infinte Pre-Algebra, Infinite Algebra, Infinite Algebra II. Allows you to regenerate problems “infinitely”.  Not aligned to OK PASS.  Good for drill type problems.

Additional Fraction Problems With Solutions
(PowerPoint Handouts)


Finding the LCD and Solving an Algebraic Equation or Inequality


What type of polynomial do you now have?


Solving a Quadratic Equation by Completing the Square


Fraction Strip Game


Finding the LCD and Symplifying an Algebraic Expression


Cookies and Fractions and Sharing Equally


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