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Personal Data:  Born in Sentinel, Oklahoma, March 5, 1947, the son of William D. and Mae Ola Stewart, Married to Elaina Bell Fulkerson on December 30, 1967.

Education:  Graduated from Hollis High School, Hollis, Oklahoma, in May, 1965; received Bachelor of Arts degree from Central State University in May, 1971; received Master of Arts degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in July, 1986; received Doctor of Education degree at Oklahoma State University in May, 1993.

Professional Experience:  Speech and Dramatics teacher, Artesia High School, Artesia, New Mexico, August, 1971 to May, 1973; Farmer and Rancher, Hollis, Oklahoma, May, 1973 to August, 1984; Owner, Studio S and TV-6, Hollis, Oklahoma, August 1984 to December 1986; Principal and English teacher, Eldorado High School, Eldorado, Oklahoma, August 1985 to May, 1987; Principal, Yale High School, Yale, Oklahoma, August 1987 to May, 1991; Superintendent, Waynoka Schools, Waynoka, Oklahoma, July, 1991 to May, 1993; Adjunct Professor for Northwestern Oklahoma State University, July, 1993 to July, 1994; Assistant Professor for Northwestern Oklahoma State University, August, 1994 to 1997. Dean of Education for Oklahoma Panhandle State University. July, 1997 to present.

Courses taught:  Computer Applications, Computers for Educators, Introduction to Education, School and Society, Public School Finance, Implementation of State and Federal Requirements, Multicultural Education, Behavior Intervention Strategies, Curriculum Development for Elementary and Secondary Schools, School Public Relations, Organization and Administration of Elementary and Secondary Schools, Principles of Public School Administration, Psychology of Teaching, School Plant Design and Operations, School Personnel Administration, Human Relations in Elementary and Secondary Education.   

Committees and Administrative Positions: Director of Superintendent Certification Program, member of Teacher Education Committee, Graduate Faculty, Multicultural Committee, Computer Committee, Social Affairs Committee, Faculty Senate, Newsletter Editor for Cimarron Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, Local Advisory Committee for Alva Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program, Graduate and Undergraduate advisor, Dean of Education, OPSU, Department Head for Education and HPER, OPSU, Curriculum Council, Academic Council, Advisement Committee, Orientation Committee, North Central Steering Committee, NCATE Coordinator for OPSU. Webmaster for OACTE homepage.

Community Activities: Community Theatre in Alva, OK, Kiowa, KS, and Guymon, OK, presentations to civic organizations, MC at various activities, Announcer for basketball games at NWOSU and OPSU, Member and Chair of Texas County Arts & Humanities Committee, Presenter at OACTE, AACTE, and various local and area conventions.


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