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Campus History : Muller Hall

This building, originally a women’s dormitory, began life on campus in 1939. In the 1940’s, some female faculty members lived in basement apartments in the three-floor structure. Female students sunbathed on the roof and hung their laundry to dry east of the building. In 1952, students requested that the building be named Helen Muller Hall to honor Helen Muller, the Panhandle Agricultural and Mechanical College (PAMC) Dean of Students and a professor of history. Sometimes referred to as “Hot Lips” by students, Miss Muller joined the faculty in August 1936 to teach government and American history classes. She became a well-respected, much loved, and greatly feared figure on campus and retired in 1972. In 1963, with a new women’s residence hall, Holter Hall, complete, Muller Hall became a men’s dormitory.

Because Muller Hall had fallen into disrepair, Panhandle State College (PSC) closed the building in 1973. In the 1990’s, Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU) refurbished Muller Hall and outfitted it as fitness center for students and staff. Currently, the building houses the public information office which produces the weekly campus newspaper, The Collegian; the college yearbook, The Plainsman; and press releases.

- Sara Jane Richter, 2009

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