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 BSN Community College Connection

Oklahoma Panhandle State University is committed to advancing the nursing profession by providing post-licensure education to develop additional nursing competencies and increase awareness of the unique care and skills required of nurses practicing in rural areas. As part of this commitment, Panhandle State has created the “BSN Community College Connection” program to help associate degree-level nurses obtain the bachelor’s degree they need to expand their career opportunities and be competitive in the nursing field.

Beginning with the Fall 2021 semester, new RN to BSN students who have an associate degree in nursing from an eligible Oklahoma institution and meet qualifying criteria will receive a 10% tuition discount per credit hour* and a complimentary Chromebook.

*The 10% discount only applies to the published tuition rate per credit hour and does not apply to any per credit hour fees, the online course fee, or any other semester-based fees.

(Note: Students must have access to a computer to complete online coursework. Complimentary Chromebooks are sent 10-12 weeks after the conclusion of the add/drop period.)

Qualifying Criteria

New RN to BSN students meeting the following criteria may be eligible for the BSN Community College Connection program beginning with the Fall 2021 semester:

  • Graduate from an eligible college with an associate degree in nursing
  • Hold an active, unrestricted RN license and must remain active throughout program
  • Accepted into the Panhandle State RN to BSN Nursing program
  • Attend past the add/drop period for the first course(s)
  • Made payment (or applied financial aid) for tuition and fees charged

The tuition discount is applied for two years from the start of classes at OPSU, including the summer semesters. Students may begin at any semester (fall, spring, summer) and in the first or second 8-week session of the term.

Note: The BSN Community College Connection program is effective for new RN to BSN students who begin their program during the 21-22 academic year. RN to BSN students who are part of the BSN Connection Scholarship program are not eligible the new BSN Community College Connection program. However, they remain eligible for the BSN Connection Scholarship tuition discount provided eligibility requirements are maintained as outlined in the scholarship application. New RN to BSN students who have already applied for the BSN Community Connection Scholarship are eligible for either program. The BSN Connection Scholarship will be discontinued August 11, 2021. No additional applications will be considered after this date.

Continuing Eligibility Criteria

Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA, good academic standing, and be continuously enrolled in each 8-week session to remain eligible for the tuition discount. Students who do not register for at least 3 credits in any 8-week session after beginning the program will no longer be eligible for the tuition discount.

Students who do not graduate with their Bachelor of Science in Nursing within two years of starting the program will pay the published tuition credit hour rate upon conclusion of the two-year eligibility period.

Eligible Institutions

  • Carl Albert State College
  • Connors State College
  • Eastern Oklahoma State College
  • Murray State College
  • Northeastern OK A&M College
  • Northern Oklahoma College
  • Oklahoma City Community College
  • Oklahoma State University - OKC
  • OSU Institute of Technology-Okmulgee
  • Redlands Community College
  • Rogers State University
  • Rose State College
  • Seminole State College
  • Tulsa Community College
  • Western Oklahoma State College

Next Steps

Applicants interested in participating in the program must opt-in to confirm eligibility and accept terms and conditions. Upon completion of the opt-in form, notification will be made to Online Admissions and the Financial Aid office. The tuition discount will be applied by the Financial Aid office after acceptance into the OPSU RN to BSN program, eligible institution confirmation, and registration for the first term. Chromebooks will be sent after verification of remaining eligibility conditions. Please contact your online admissions counselor with any questions at or 580-670-9730.