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Arts and Education

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Fine Arts - Art
B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Test, Bryon
Test, Bryon
Title: Associate Professor of Art
Office: HSH 212
Phone: 580.349.1480
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 126
  • General Education 41
  • Art Requirements 85
    • *Art 1123-Photography
    • *Art 1433-Fundamentals of Art
    • *Art 2123-Drawing I
    • *Art 2223-Drawing II
    • *Art 2253-Design II - 3D Design
    • *Art 2333-Art Marketing
    • *Art 2443-Design
    • *Art 2533-Ceramics I
    • *Art 2543-Ceramics II
    • *Art 2853-Painting I
    • *Art 2933-Painting II
    • *Art 3153-Figure Drawing I
    • *Art 3163-Figure Drawing II
    • *Art 3303-Art History I
    • *Art 3333-Sculpture I
    • *Art 3343-Sculpture II
    • *Art 3353-Ceramics III
    • *Art 3423-Painting III
    • *Art 3543-Painting IV
    • *Art 3613-Jewelry I
    • *Art 3663-Printmaking
    • *Art 4013-Watercolor I
    • *Art 4303-Art History II
    • *Art 4421-Senior Exhibit
    • *Art 4423-Watercolor II
    • *Art 4563-Ceramics IV
  • Art Electives 9
  • Minor
    • A minor may be selected from any field that offers one. However, a minor is not required for this degree, and minor hours are not included in the 126 semester hours required for the degree.