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Arts and Education

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General Studies
A.A. (Associate in Art)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Duren, Dr. Brad
Duren, Dr. Brad
Title: Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs / Dean of the College of Arts and Education / Professor of History
Office: HMH 122B
Phone: 580.349.1498
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 64
  • Student Success Seminar 1
    • *Ucss 1111-Student Success Seminar
  • Communication 9
    • *Engl 1113-Freshman English I
    • *Engl 1213-Freshman English II
    • *Comm 1113-Speech Communication
  • Mathematics 3
    • *Math 1513-College Algebra OR
    • *Math 1473- Math for Critical Thinking
  • American History and Government 6
    • *Hist 1313-U.S. Hist 1492-1877 OR
    • *Hist 1323-U.S. Hist 1877-Present
    • *Pols 1013-American Government
  • Social Science 6
  • Economics 3
  • Social Science 3
  • Natural Sciences 8
  • Physical Science (lab course) 4
    • *Biol 1304-Principles of Biology I
  • Humanities 6
    • Choose from humanities, music appreciation, music history, art appreciation, literature, upper level foreign language, introduction to theater, world history, AND/ OR world religion. No activity courses count.
  • Liberal Arts and Science Electives 2
    • Choose from psychology, social sciences, foreign language, art, English, communications, humanities, science and mathematics.
  • Concentration
    • 23 hours in one of the following areas: (Any course taken in the concentration must be departmentally approved. Hours taken to satisfy general education may count toward the concentration.) Area 1: Humanities: art, music, drama, humanities Area 2: Communications: English, communications, and foreign language Area 3: Social Studies: sociology, economics, history, political science, law enforcement, religion