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Arts and Education

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Music - General Music
B.M. (Bachelor of Music)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Lewis, Charla
Lewis, Charla
Title: Assistant Professor / Director of Instumental Music / Department Chair Music Education
Office: HS 114
Phone: 580.349.1483
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 124
  • General Education 41
  • Humanities 9
    • *Hum 1533-Art Appreciation
    • *Hum 2333-Philosophy of Life
    • *Hum 2423-Intro to Theater OR
    • *Spch 3703-Small Group Discussion
  • Art 3
    • *Art 3303-Art History I OR
    • *Art 4303-Art History II
  • Literature 9
    • *Engl 2413-Critical Approaches to Literature
  • Upper level English course 3
  • World Studies 3
    • *Rel 2032-World Religion OR
    • *Soc 2003-Critical Thinking OR
    • *Engl 3353-World Literature
  • Music Theory 17
    • *Musi 1521-Theory of Music I Lab
    • *Musi 1523-Theory of Music
    • *Musi 1531-Theory of Music II Lab
    • *Musi 1533-Theory of Music II
    • *Musi 2543-Theory of Music III
    • *Musi 2553-Theory of Music IV
    • *Musi 3563-Forms and Analysis
  • Musicology 8
    • *Musi 2312-History and Literature of Music I
    • *Musi 2412-Ethnomusicology
    • *Musi 3332-History and Literature of Music II
    • *Musi 3342-History and Literature of Music III
  • Applied Music 27
    • *Mupi 1XX0-Private Lesson-four semesters (lower division)
    • *Mupi 3XX0-Private Lesson-four semesters (upper division)
    • *Mupe 1XXX- Major Ensemble-eight semesters
    • *Mupe 2711-Music Theater Prod-three semesters OR
    • *Mupe 1311-Jazz Band-four semesters
    • All music majors must be in a major ensemble appropriate for their principal instrument every semester of residence. Barrier examinations in theory and applied music must be successfully completed before advancement to the junior level. All entering music majors must take a placement examination in theory before their first enrollment. A keyboard proficiency examination must be passed before graduation.
  • Music Education 2
    • *Musi 3612-Orchestration
  • Electives and Minor
    • Sufficient course work to bring total hours to 124