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Music - Music Pedagogy
B.M. (Bachelor of Music)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Lewis, Charla
Lewis, Charla
Title: Assistant Professor / Director of Instumental Music / Department Chair Music Education
Office: HS 114
Phone: 580.349.1483
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 124
  • General Education 41
  • Music Theory 19
    • *Musi 1521-Theory of Music I Lab
    • *Musi 1523-Theory of Music
    • *Musi 1531-Theory of Music II Lab
    • *Musi 1533-Theory of Music II
    • *Musi 2541-Theory of Music III Lab
    • *Musi 2543-Theory of Music III
    • *Musi 2551-Theory of Music IV Lab
    • *Musi 2553-Theory of Music IV
    • *Musi 3563-Forms and Analysis
  • Music History and Literature 8
    • *Musi 2312-History and Literature of Music I
    • *Musi 2412-Ethnomusicology
    • *Musi 3332-History and Literature of Music II
    • *Musi 3342-History and Literature of Music III
  • Applied Music 25
    • *Mupi 1XX0-Private Lesson- (4) (lower division)
    • *Mupi 3XX0-Private Lesson- (4) (upper division)
    • *Mupi 4991-Recital
    • *Mupe 1XXX- Major Ensemble- (8)
    • All music majors must be in a major ensemble appropriate for their principal instrument every semester of residence. Barrier examinations in theory and applied music must be successfully completed before advancement to the junior level. A keyboard proficiency examination must be passed before graduation. All entering music majors must take a placement examination in theory before their first enrollment.
  • Music Education 20
    • *Mued 2112-Woodwind Pedagogy
    • *Mued 2212-Brass Pedagogy
    • *Mued 2312-Percussion Pedagogy
    • *Mued 2412-Strings Pedagogy
    • *Mued 2511-Class Voice
    • *Mued 2521-Diction for Singers I
    • *Mued 2531-Diction for Singers II
    • *Mued 3212-Vocal Pedagogy
    • *Mued 3113-Principles of Conducting
    • *Mued 3122-Instrumental Conducting
    • *Mued 3132-Choral Conducting
  • Electives
    • Sufficient coursework to bring total hours to 124