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Behavioral & Social Sciences

Welcome to the OPSU Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences

The OPSU Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences consists of a collection of four degree programs as well as various specializations and minors. We offer degrees in Psychology, History, Social Studies, and an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. Within our unique social studies program, the student has the option to choose a specialization in Political Science, Sociology, or General Social Studies. Additionally, the department also offers minors in the fields of Economics, History, Law Enforcement, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Social Studies.

Why Choose OPSU Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences?

How can a small department, in a small college, in the middle of nowhere be the right choice for you? It is well known that many of our new students have asked that question before enrolling in our courses. By graduation the answer becomes exceedingly clear. At OPSU, you are taught by qualified professors (not inexperienced teaching assistants) with a passion for teaching and enriching students. Unlike many universities, our primary focus is you, the student. Since our department is small, we can give you the personalized attention and directed instruction that you deserve. Our graduates have become highly successful in graduate schools, law schools and workplaces across Oklahoma and the United States. So if you are looking for a degree program where professors know your name, your ambitions, and are devoted to your success, give us a look.