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Pre-Law Advising Information

How Can OPSU Help Me Get Into Law School?

Essentially, getting accepted to most law schools requires students to have a high GPA, a high LSAT test score, an impressive portfolio and impeccable credentials. At OPSU we can counsel you through these obstacles and point you towards law schools that fit your interests and abilities. We embrace the idea that "if you succeed, we succeed" and try our best to ensure that your dreams will be realized.

Why Pre-Law at OPSU?

Getting accepted to law school is a daunting task that requires both considerable time and resources. Preparing for the LSAT Exam, sending off applications, writing personal statements and paying application fees are all just a small part of getting accepted to law school. Therefore, at OPSU we are committed to preparing you not only to get accepted to law school, but also preparing you to succeed once you matriculate.

As a student at OPSU, you won’t be just be a nameless face in the crowd. You will receive personalized guidance from the institutions pre-law advisor on how you should proceed toward getting into law school. While at OPSU you will receive excellent instruction from knowledgeable professors who truly care about student success. When the time comes for you to apply to law schools, you will be well prepared for the application process, the rigors of law school, and your subsequent legal career. So, if you think law school might be in your future, consider OPSU for your collegiate pre-law experience.

Top Five Reasons to look at OPSU for Your Pre-Law Curriculum

  1. We offer a pre-law curriculum instead of a pre-law major so that students can major in the areas of their choice while still working towards law-school acceptance.
  2. OPSU students have a proven track record of succeeding in graduate schools, including law school.
  3. We are one of the best education values in the United States.
  4. You will receive much personal, friendly and individualized attention from our faculty and staff.
  5. OPSU has a multitude of scholarships (tuition and housing) available to help fund your education.

Course Suggestions for Pre-Law Students at OPSU

OPSU Collegiate Law and Political Science Society (CLPSS)

The OPSU Collegiate Law and Political Science Society is an organization designed to meet the needs of OPSU’s growing population of political science students as well as those interested in attending law school. The organization will not only provide a great venue for interacting with like minded students but will also provide the support, advice and networking vital to success both during and after college. Visits to law schools, social events, debates, and general involvement in politics are just a few of the things CLPSS undertakes during the academic year.

OPSU Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

One of the nice things about applying to law school is that one is not required to have a law-related major. With that said, having a degree in the social sciences gives law school students an edge once they get to law school due to their familiarity with much of the material. The OPSU department of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers degrees in history, psychology, criminal justice, and our unique inter-disciplinary social studies degree allows students to emphasize political science, sociology, or general social studies. Our knowledgeable and affable faculty offer expertise and personalized attention that you might not find elsewhere.