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Welcome to Oklahoma Panhandle State University’s English Page!

OPSU English offers courses in Composition, British, American, and World Literatures, Grammar, and Humanities among many others. There is a course for every interest, and our faculty’s goal is to make all of our English students, majors and non-majors alike, get excited about language, literature, and writing.

Interested in majoring (or even minoring) in English? Wonderful! That’s a good choice! Here are a few things to consider as you make that decision to become an English major!

Granted, upon graduation, an English major can’t go get a job as an “English-er” as a chemistry major can be employed as a chemist or as an accounting major can become a CPA. However, English graduates discover that with an English degree in hand, the world is their oyster. English graduates may find employment in journalism, publishing, technical writing, sales, administration, education, or business.

Obtaining a degree in English shows prospective employers that you possess extraordinary skills. First, if you have majored in English, you can read. Lots of folks can’t read well. Second, English majors can write. Trust me: Writing well is a skill that not many people possess. Third, English majors can think, analyze, research, and interpret. Again, not everyone can do those things well. Last, as an English major, you will have had a myriad of opportunities to speak and make classroom presentations. All employers want people who can read, write, think, and speak. The English program at OPSU will help you develop and polish these skills that make you attractive in the job market after graduation. In addition to being “employable,” OPSU English graduates may opt to further their educations and attend graduate school or law school. Many OPSU English graduates are now attorneys, college professors, or university administrators.

Of course, English majors can eventually become public classroom teachers too. PSU offers English education as a degree plan. This degree allows you to teach in the public school with proper certification objectives met after graduation.

If you’re interested in pursuing English as a major at OPSU, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Tito Aznar, Mrs. Shelley Wisener, Mr. Carl B. Sell, or Dr. Sara Jane Richter. We would be delighted to visit with you about your becoming an English major (or even an English minor)! Then, you can become a proud Panhandle State University graduate with an English degree in hand.