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Degree Programs and Information

OPSU is pleased to offer the Bachelor of Music degree, which allows students to prepare for careers as performers, teachers or professionals. All music students should consider the options below, which have many similarities, but prepare students for different career goals.

Unlike other baccalaureate degrees, it is crucial that music majors begin work on coursework within the major immediately upon beginning their time at OPSU if they wish to complete their degree within four years. Most degree plans involve eight semesters of coursework that must be taken in sequence, as well as eight semesters of private study on a major instrument or voice and eight semesters of ensemble experience, so it is very difficult to compress the requirements for the major into less than four years. It is crucial that a prospective music major meet with the music faculty before beginning coursework at OPSU!

The first semester of music study for all options typically includes:

CourseSemester Hours
Music Theory I:3
Music Theory I (Lab):1
Private Lessons2
Class Piano2
Music History2
Freshman English I3
Student Success Seminar1

All BM options require:

Bachelor of Music Options: For full details, visit the current OPSU General Catalog.

Music Minors:

A student may minor in either Music Performance or Music Studies by completing the appropriate requirements as detailed in the current OPSU General Catalog.


Scholarship money is available through the OPSU Music Department, and is generally awarded on the basis of ensemble participation and talent. Students wishing to be considered for music talent scholarships should contact the department to schedule a scholarship audition. In the audition, the student should play or sing music that best represents his or her musical ability. Solos prepared for Solo & Ensemble Contest or etudes used to audition for an honor group or all-state ensemble make excellent audition music. Requirements to continue receiving a scholarship will be detailed in the scholarship offer.