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Computer Information Systems

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Bachelor of Business Administration Computer Information Systems

OPSU offers a four-year Bachelor of Business Admin-istration and a two-year Associate of Science degree op- tion in Computer Information Systems. The programs follow the guidelines of the Association of Information Technology Professionals for post-secondary informa- tion systems education. A Bachelor of Technology in Computer Graphics is also available.

The CIS BBA program has a business orientation. All graduates are required to take a core of business courses in addition to Computer Information Systems courses. The program has an emphasis on security and information assurance as well as integrated skills that span web accessed databases, network administration and support- including CISCO training, programming and website development and design. OPSU provides a rich selection of information systems electives to enhance and strengthen the students’ knowledge base. The CIS department received one of four “Program of Excellence” grants awarded by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

In addition to the Computer Information Systems degree, the department offers a Bachelor of Technology and a minor in Computer Graphics and cooperates with the Art department to enable students to complete the computer graphics option of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Courses are offered in 2D, 3D, and animation using Maya, a suite of digital video production tools, and other leading graphics and video software.

Students work in a varied computer environment including Microsoft Windows, Novell SUSE, OES2, Mac OS, and Linux platforms. The networked com- puter labs are equipped with Internet access, office ap- plications, and advanced development environments.

Students graduate from OPSU with diverse practical experience that prepares them for the work force and lifetime learning.

Faculty Contact

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    Martin, Steve
    Title: Associate Professor of Computer Information Sysytems /
    Department Chair of Computer Information Sysytems
    Office: CH 104C
    Phone: 580.349.1456
    Email: Email Web Form