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Faculty Spotlight: David Ferrell

Panhandle State Communications on 06/02/2020

David Ferrell, originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, has brought an enthusiasm for science to Oklahoma Panhandle State University.

Ferrell attended Wabash College, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1998. He obtained his Masters in 2002 and his Doctorate in 2007, both with his focus in Evolutionary Ecology from Florida State University.

David came to Oklahoma Panhandle State University because of the opportunity to teach the biology classes that he is most passionate about as an Assistant Professor of Biology. He currently teaches courses in both General Biology, General Ecology, Zoology, Conservation Biology, and Natural History. His interest in evolution has kept him continually learning with hopes to teach classes on this in the future.

Through the years, David has grown to value the process of mentoring. He commented, “I’ve benefited greatly from wonderful mentors, and they have enhanced my quality of life, in and out of the classroom, perhaps especially outside of the classroom.” With the appreciation of mentors, he has enjoyed the opportunity to act as a mentor to students at Panhandle State University.

Ferrell has a fire for science, but it is second, only to his passion for his family. He is a proud father to daughter Emily. David also idolizes his parents as they just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. He stated, “Without my parent’s consistent support, I truly could not have achieved some of the academic goals that are so important to me.” He has two brothers that also are at the top of his list to brag on.

David has pushed himself to be the best teacher he can be, but he does enjoy being outside the classroom. If he’s not teaching, he can be found hiking, camping, enjoying music, and writing creative fiction.