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Faculty Spotlight: Stacy Nordquist

Panhandle State Communications on 03/22/2021 Stacy Nordquist Stacy Nordquist

Stacy Nordquist, originally from Hoffman, Minnesota, is a proud Alumni and Faculty Member at all OPSU games and events. He has made Panhandle State his home and is currently the Assistant Professor and Chair of Health and Physical Education.

Nordquist graduated from OPSU in 1994 with a degree in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. He then received his Master’s in Administrative Leadership in Adult Education in 1998 from the University of Wisconsin and further graduate studies in Kinesiology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

He came to Panhandle State after receiving a call from Jerry Olson, former Head Women’s Basketball coach, to help at a summer camp. “He told me that about his team for the next year and said, ‘We are also going to play in Hawaii.’ As a joke, I said, ‘Do you need an assistant?’ After a pause, Jerry said, ‘As a matter of fact, I do.’”, said Nordquist.

The opportunity to finish his degree and start his college coaching career made Panhandle State an easy choice. While being on campus, Panhandle State became home, and he met his wife, Audrey, in 2007 in the Aggie Grill.

Panhandle State holds many special memories, but the most memorable is the 1993-1994 team winning the region and making it into the Elite Eight of the national tournament. Nordquist said, “The students and seeing them graduate is my favorite thing.”

Nordquist and his wife, Audrey, became grandparents this past year and enjoy getting to spend time together. When he’s not in a classroom, you can catch him watching any activity happening on campus or the golf course playing a round or two with the athletic coaches. He commented, “Victor Esparza enjoys beating me, but for the record, I let him win, and I get to play many rounds of golf with OPSU Hall of Famer and legend, Roger McKinnon.”