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Student Spotlight: Jayden Valdez

Panhandle State Communications on 05/04/2021 Jayden Valdez Jayden Valdez

Jayden Valdez has been a leader in the Student Government Association and an essential member of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). The Adams, Oklahoma native came to Panhandle State to study Computer Information Systems and is on the path to graduate in 2023.

Valdez decided Panhandle State was the place for him after taking a CIS department tour, where he met with faculty. He said, “Two of the faculty members took the time to talk with me about all things technology. I was fascinated by the server that is housed in Carter Hall, and I learned that Panhandle would be a great place to learn more about technology and prepare me for a future career as an information technology professional.”

The community on campus has brought Valdez opportunities to network among peers and develop his leadership skills. He is the current President of AITP and newly elected Vice President of SGA. Valdez commented, “Panhandle has given me the opportunity to venture out of my comfort zone and grow as a person and a leader.”

When Valdez is not focusing on his studies and enhancing the student experience at Panhandle State, he enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. He continues to serve as an Eagle Scout and enjoys researching new topics in technology to stay current. Valdez is one of eight siblings and a third-generation Panhandle State student.