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Honored Family

Each year, the Panhandle State Association of Alumni and Friends selects a family to honor during Homecoming. Families are selected based on number of attendees at OPSU and contributions to the university.

When you see the open book click on it to read about that member of the honored family.

2019 - Tharp Family


2018 - Stedje Family


2017 - Etbauer Family


2016 - Silvey Family

Rosalie & Cecil Silvey

2015 - DeSpain Family

Ora & Opal DeSpain

2014 - Cramer Family

Lynn & Lillie Cramer

2013 - Gardner Family

R. Lynn "Doc" and Gloria Gardner

2012 - Tuttle Family

John and Slokey Tuttle

2011 - Flanagan Family

Jack and Rosella Flanagan

2010 - Looper Family

Lloyd and Doris Looper

2009 - Philippe Family

Ida Mae Williamson Philippe

2008 - Waugh Family

George and Edith Waugh
Gorey Waugh
Glen Waugh
Leroy Waugh
Bryce Waugh
Lavena Marie (Waugh) Chastine
Leland Waugh
Estella G. (Waugh) Beesley
Dale Waugh
Elva (Waugh) Bentley
Eva (Waugh) Lile
Cora A. (Waugh) Carlile
Glenda (Waugh) Cochran

2007 - Strasner Family

Avis Strasner

2006 - Camp Family


2006 - Roach Family


2005 - Jones Family

Llyod and Dorothy Jones
Judy (Jones) Arnold
Karen (Jones) O'Neill
Kathy (Jones) Nicks
Michael Jones
Diane (Jones) May
Barbara (Jones) Cunningham
Mary Anne (Jones) Burdo

2004 - Jefferis Family

Levis and Vivian Jefferis
James Lawrence Jefferis
Joe Jefferis
John Jefferis
Jerry Lee Jefferis
Susan Marie Jefferis

2003 - Cooksey Family

Otis and Edna Cooksey

2002 - Cornelson Family

Jerry and Mary Cornelson

2001 - Rexroad Family


2001 - Strain Family


2000 - Harland Family

Edward and Janie Harland

1999 - Shiflett Family

Riley & Almurta Shiflett