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Aggie Campus ID

OPSU is excited to partner with TouchNet OneCard to offer a new ID card system for added functionality across campus. To access and use your Aggie Campus ID, please view the Guide for Installing OneCard.

To access and use your Aggie Campus ID on your mobile device, please follow the instructions detailed below to create a pin you will use to log into the OneCard App. Once you have created your pin you will need to go to App Store on your phone or mobile device (App Store or Play Store) and download the TouchNet OneCard VIP App.

  1. To begin the installation you will setup your login credentials for the TouchNet OneCard:

    Login / Signup for Aggie Campus ID

  2. Login with your initial login credentials:

    1. Username: Omitting the A, for example A12345678, will be entered as 12345678.

    2. Password: Last four of your ID number

  3. Immediately after you login the first time you will be required to change your PIN. Make sure you remember this pin; OPSU Staff cannot see or change your pin.

  4. Once you have your PIN set, you should now install the App on your mobile device:

    TouchNet OneCard App Logo
  5. Upon installation you will be asked to login with your ID number and new PIN. Make sure you are on the Account Number tab and not the ID tab. When entering your ID number you will once again NOT enter the A; only the numbers.

You should now have full access to the app and all features. We will send another email to explain how to get full benefit from the app in regards to using it specifically in the Grill and Bookstore. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of the Bursar Team at 580-349-1566 or email

View the Student Guide for Installing OneCard

View the Faculty/Staff Guide for Installing OneCard