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Travel Reimbursement

Faculty/Staff -- I've addressed a few issues we've been having with travel reimbursements. As always, please come to me with any questions you may have regarding travel reimbursement. I have no problem going over any of these items or items in the travel reimbursement guide.

If you need help filling out a travel reimbursement form please do not hesitate to give me a call (Ext. 1400), email (, or come by my office (SL 137). I'm always happy to help!

Deans -- If you have adjunct faculty that may be traveling, please go over this information with them, or refer them to me for any questions they may have.

-- Abby


This information will also apply to travel purchases charged to the p-card in the same situations. Please be mindful of getting the proper documentation beforehand where it pertains and please ask if you have questions before charging to your card. We’re glad to answer any questions. Thank you.

-- Liz


Photograph of McMurphy, Elizabeth
McMurphy, Elizabeth
Title: Comptroller
Office: SL 110
Phone: 580.349.1566
Email: Email Web Form
Photograph of Rice, Abigail
Rice, Abigail
Title: Executive Secretary to VPASA
Office: SL 137
Phone: 580.349.1400
Email: Email Web Form