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Travel Reimbursement

Prior to travel please review the Travel Reimbursement Guide. This information contains detailed explanations on a few items in the guide. Thank you.

  1. Travel Requests - Prior to travel, please fill out a travel request and attain proper approvals. You must have a travel request on file prior to traveling.

  2. Claiming Mileage -vs- Travel by Air - If you choose to claim mileage rather than travel by air for out-of-state travel, you must prove a cost savings to the university by providing an airline quote at least 30 days before your trip is scheduled. (McClure Travel, our state-contacted travel agent can give you these quotes.) A comparison should include mileage -vs- coach airfare and mileage to and from the airport. Common sense is key with this policy. If you’re driving to Amarillo, TX, Liberal, KS, or Springfield, CO, we don’t need a quote for airline tickets. In addition, if you’re hauling a trailer transporting equipment or livestock, you don’t need to provide an airline quote.

    An example in this case would be driving to Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, or Albuquerque NM, rather than flying. This has come up in a previous audit, and we need these airline quotes. Please do not wait until the day before your trip to attain these quotes. It needs to be a true comparison, again, at least 30 days before your trip. If you fail to provide a quote, a best estimate quote will be attained 30 days out and leaving and returning on the same days of the week and will be used as a basis of reimbursement.

  3. Flying from an airport other than Amarillo - Again, this goes with the notion of cost-savings to the university. If you choose to fly from an airport other than Amarillo, you must provide a cost-savings comparison which includes mileage comparison, airline ticket comparison or extenuating circumstances that caused you to fly from an airport other than Amarillo. Whatever the case, you must prove it’s a cost savings to the university. If you do not provide this information, coach airfare plus mileage to and from the Amarillo airport will be used as a basis of reimbursement. Comparison quotes must encompass at least 30 days prior to traveling.

    Of course, we do account for extenuating circumstances. These will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

  4. 24 -vs- 48 hour rule - The 24 hour rule is used for travel where per diem is being claimed. This means, you can begin your trip up to 24 hours before the official business begins and end no more than 24 hours after your official business ends. The 48 hour rule can be used when you’re traveling by air. However, you can only use this rule if you can prove there was a cost savings to the university by choosing an earlier flight, resulting in an earlier departure time. A cost comparison must be provided with all costs associated, i.e. extra lodging , extra per diem, etc. If you do not provide this cost comparison, the 24 hour rule will be used. As a result, your travel status entered and/or ended time may be amended to coincide with the 24 hour rule.

    Extenuating circumstances such as flight delays, weather delays will be accounted for and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis with appropriate documentation.

  5. Time of Official Business - Time of your official business means the time “You”, the claimant, actually began official university business and the time “you”, the claimant, actually ends official business. This includes events that begin at a certain time, and you didn’t begin your official business until later in the meeting/conference/etc. Or if the event ends at a certain time and you leave early.

    For example, please do not write down your official meeting time ended @ 5pm in Stillwater, and you returned home at 7pm. This does not compute when calculating the time it takes to travel from Stillwater to Goodwell. Again, actual times you began and actual times you ended official business. If you have official business that was not on the agenda/meeting schedule, please attach a memo with any means necessary to verify additional meetings. This may include an email from an entity or person verifying your meeting/official business.

  6. Registration/Pre-Conference Events/Mixers - If you attend a conference/meeting and there is a registration period or pre-conference event/mixer, your official business cannot include these items. If your agenda shows registration @ 8:30a.m. and the meeting starts at 12pm, then 12pm is when official business begins. We have had this come up in an audit and the claimant had to pay back per diem that was inclusive of the registration time, etc. 12pm is also the time, per this example, the 24 hour rule would be calculated in regard to travel status entered time.

  7. Meeting Agenda/Schedule/Documentation of Official Business - Please attach documentation of your official business to your reimbursement form with a meeting agenda/schedule or some other form of documentation. This documentation must include the city in which the event is located, the month/days of the week of event as well as times if possible. If you're recruiting and there is no official documentation, please fill out the recruiting log.