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Other Scholarship Opportunities

External Scholarships

Application Submission Dates : 1 Mar-30 Jun

Donald A. Bloustine Memorial Scholarship - $500.

Colonel Charles W Kelly, Jr. Memorial Scholarship - $500.

OKWVO Memorial Scholarship - $500.

OKWVO Memorial Scholarship (part time) - $250.

OKWVO Memorial Scholarship (part time) - $250.

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Being a member of the TCEC Board Advisory Collegiate Delegate Program is a distinguished opportunity to contribute to your community and enhance your leadership skills, which will help you with your educational aspirations and future career. Three college students will be selected to have an interactive, hands-on experience with TCEC's Board and leadership team every academic year.

Participants receive a stipend and mileage reimbursement for meeting attendance and are eligible for a scholarship for one full semester's tuition reimbursement (up to 6 credit hours for half a year served, up to 12 credit hours for a full year served).

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