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Distinguished Contributor Honor Roll

The Board of Directors of the Panhandle State Foundation established the Distinguished Contributor Honor Roll to recognize individuals, firms, and organizations for their generous support of foundation activities. The names listed below have been honored at the annual banquet in November for their support of time, money, interest, and concern for the students of Oklahoma Panhandle State University through the Panhandle State Foundation.

Honoree Name Date Honored
Dr. and Mrs. Mauzee Davis 1977
Mrs. R. C. Pyle 1977
Dr. W. F. Dunaway 1977
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Riffe 1977
Mrs. Christine Hitch 1977
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Clawson 1978
Judge and Mrs. Don Dale 1978
Juliamarie Langham Grilly 1978
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Jeffus 1978
Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Mitchell 1978
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hitch, Jr 1979
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fischer 1979
Baughman Foundation 1979
Texas County Soil Conservation Dis 1979
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McKinnon 1980
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson 1980
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Countryman 1981
Mrs. C. G. Harryman 1981
Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Boren 1981
Mr. and Mrs. George Gilmore 1982
Mr. Herbert Voth 1982
Gruver Oil and Gas 1983
Orville and Leona Nash 1983
John H. Dent 1984
Nora Key 1984
Mrs. Marvin McKee 1985
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Rist 1986
John and Bernice Haliburton 1986
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Jett 1986
Hazel Marie Newland 1987
Mae Rickart 1987
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sexton 1989
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Torbert 1989
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Marr 1990
Mr. and Mrs. Jack O'Brien 1990
Mrs. Pauline Groendyke 1991
Ron and Peg Overstreet 1991
Dr. Denver Talley 1992
Grace L. Hicks 1992
Ida Mae Norman 1992
Gladys Steinkuehler 1992
Everett C. Krone 1993
Lucille Safranko Rhoton 1993
Pete and Zona Belle Williams 1993
Julian Schaub 1994
James T. Wright 1994
Dr. Thomas L. Palmer 1995
J. B. and Carol Stewart 1995
Bob and Elgy Smith 1996
Dr. Ken & Maxine Woodward 1996
Hazel Exline Estate 1997
Dennis Stedje 1997
Steve and Becky Baggerly 1998
Almurta Shiflett 1998
Duane and Grace Schafer 1999
Ken and Carolyn Rothschopf 1999
The Noble Foundation 2000
Rep. Jack V. Begley 2000
Vera C. Hefley 2001
Johnnie and Moylene Davis 2001
R.D. and Emma Schultz 2002
Carol Altom 2002
Dr. John W. Goodwin 2003
William F. D. Etling 2003
First National Bank of Texhoma/Goodwell 2004
Mr. Jimmie Draper 2004
PTCI 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Max Baggerly 2005
First State Bank of Boise City 2006
Mr. M. K. "Curly" Cook 2006
Margaret Wright 2007
City National Bank 2007
Mrs. Betty McMurry 2008
Goodwell Car Wash 2008
Joe and Margie Lane 2009
Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Inc. 2009
Ernie and Ellen Walcher 2010
Hitch Enterprises Inc. 2010
Mike Wyatt 2011
Masonic Charity Foundation 2011
David and Sharon Petty 2012
Farmers Elevator Inc. 2012
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Gieck 2013
Trow Morris 2013
Jordan-Quinn Post #1203 VFW 2013
Guymon Panhandle Lions Club 2014
Ray and Virginia Hall 2014
Guymon Lions Club 2015
Leland Robertson 2015