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Panhandle State Foundation Scholarship Program

The Panhandle State Foundation Scholarship Program awards scholarships each year to students at Panhandle State. With continued growth, the program now consists of 275 scholarships. These scholarships have been established by caring individuals, alums, local businesses, and civic organizations. We honor this phenomenal group of people making a financial difference in the lives of so many Panhandle State students!

Below is a listing of the current scholarships in the Panhandle State Foundation Scholarship Program with a link to information about the scholarship.

(To view the list of available scholarships and download a scholarship application, Apply for a Scholarship Here

Are you interested in establishing your own scholarship to benefit a Panhandle State student?

Endowments start at $10,000 to fund a $500/year scholarship,

$20,000 to fund a $1,000/year scholarship and so on.

Once established, nothing further is required!

You get to choose: the name of the scholarship and the scholarship requirements: Field of study, Classification, Field of study, Classification, Minimum GPA / ACT score, Geographic consideration, Consideration of need, Participation in campus clubs, athletics or community service, or Other:______________

Each Fall, you will receive a thank you letter and picture of the Panhandle State student who was selected for your scholarship.

Set your scholarship up before September 1st to be included in the upcoming academic year’s list of available scholarships.

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