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What sites and applications may be protected by Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

You may be required to use MFA when logging into sites and applications that are behind Central Authentication Service (CAS) login. The following systems may prompt to use MFA to authorize your login:


Banner Luminus Portal is located at Banner INB\Administration access is protected by MFA.

  • (Panhandle State University)


OPSU employees use E-Print for electronic printing. You may visit any of the following links. Click on the Employee tab and select ePrint:

  • (Panhandle State University)

OK Corral

OPSU employees use this page to shop for different items such as Office Supplies, Printing Services, Furniture, Lab Equipment, Computers, etc.



OSUVPN also utilizes multifactor authentication. You can read more at the OSUVPN information page.

Office 365

You can read more about installing Office 365 here.