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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate serves as a liaison between faculty and administration and facilitates faculty participation in the establishment and formation of University policy and procedures as related to the academic programs of the institution. The Faculty Senate shall consider all matters referred to it by the President, or any faculty member or administrator; and it may initiate studies and make recommendations of its own.

View the Faculty Senate Constitution (PDF)


The Senate will meet the first Friday of each month at noon via Zoom. Faculty wishing to attend the meetings can get the link from one of the Members.

Officers & Members

  • Officers

    President - Dr. Cheng Hsien Wu

    Vice President - Dr. Aboohamidi Abbas

    Secretary - Dr. Megan Steele

  • Members

    COAE - Shelly Worm; Dr. Cheng Hsien Wu

    COASN - Dr. Aboohamidi Abbas; Dr. Megan Steele

    COBT - Julia Bird; Hue Helms